Monday, January 28, 2008

saare zamin pe

well the title inspired by the great movie reflects the condition of indian investors as of now. The way the market is volatile this indeed is true.
now coming back to the movie .. i would say after a long long time i have seen a movie which awakens your thought. i think everyone especially teachers and parents will think about children in a different matter from now on!!
this makes me think one thing .. in 21st century .. how much capacity bollywood has to change our thoughts? I remember how much our anti reservation stir was inspired by Rang De Basanti. And this time limiting to myself i think Lakshya gave me a new direction to think.
However in our typical masala bollywood stuff always the protaginist comes above the law and uses his judgement to decide a guilty and take necessary action. With whistling from all corners of the hall the question to be asked is will this in any case make us a law abiding citizen? just think about it!!

secondly i would like to comment of the Bharat Ratna controversy. In my perception the person who deserve the highest civilian honour are Sachin Tendulkar and Ratan Tata. When he bats .. irrespective of his form .. people watch . without thinking which cast or creed the other person belongs to. He has made cricket a religion in this country. And Ratan Tata just for "nano - made in, by & for India"

Monday, January 7, 2008

call of the tour ..

aussies suck!! no sportsman spirit. first when u know u r out .. u wont walk ..
second .. ask glenn mcgrath n steve waugh .. wtf they were doing .. was in not sledging??

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bucknor .. the sucker ..

somebody go and advise him to take retirement. We would have most probably won the sydney test. Even today .. look what he did on clark's dismissal!! How come he is in ICC elite panes is the question to be asked!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what a year it was ...

2007 ... the most happening year for me ..
recalling some of the incidents which affected me ..
  1. India crashing out of the ICC Cricket World Cup in march .. was sad like anything
  2. 2. India winning the T20 world cup .. watching the roller coaster final @ New Friends colony .. celebrating Indian win with slogans like "India ghode pe, Pakistan l***e pe"
  3. Lucky me .. job offer from Schlumberger
  4. Stone falling on my head while coming back from Bhawan complex .. vaishno devi trip
  5. Cleared GATE
  6. Nil House Day dance ... performance by 2007 pass outs followed by nilbulls
  7. New levels of general awareness after UPSC preparation
  8. Manchester United in rocking form .. win EPL after a gap of 3 years
  9. Kimi Raikkonen wining the F1 drivers championship .. beware .. red horses are back!!
  10. Narendra Modi wins Gujrat Elections .. yipee
  11. Met a rickshaw wala .. double MA!!
  12. Still struggling with my LAKSHYA!!

N imagine how 2008 starts ..
Jan 1 .. Video ipod ... what a way to kick of the new campaign