Saturday, March 24, 2007

shame shame india

What a shitty performance ...
once Ricky Ponting had said in an interview .. "India is a team which can never win a world cup"
I do agree now .. no world cup matches
better luck in 2011!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bob Woolmer is dead!!

Well what a loss!! The man who along with Hansie Cronje transformed the south african cricket and introduced the concept of fielding in international cricket is dead.
May he rest in peace. Hats off to Pakistani Cricket and their internal poltu .. they didnt changed under his regime!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Water is solid

Nice movie ... worth watching once for sure ...
Theme is good ... and so is the star cast. Lisa Ray finally seems to have got some acting talent after her debacle in bollywood. While watching Seema Viswas act was a treat. Gives a feeling how many underrated an actor she is. John is so so .. seems to have same expression all the time.
But the heart and soul of the movie is "Chuhiya". What a performance by an 8 year old!! The way she has played a eight year old widow ... and her innocent questions about the society and traditions keep rocking the theater.
Went in thinking a heavy movie by content but was quite wrong. Chuhiya steels the show. If u havent seen in .. time to get ut tickets right now. Do expect a few wet eyes and a silent theater by the way.

Have a shot ... Intelligence Quotient

Whats the similarity ... or say common link between these ..
  • Sony Ericson Walkman Phone
  • Euro coins
  • Four course meal at Pizza Hut
  • Nishabd
  • Water
  • "Hisaab"
  • Rickshaw and the barking dog
  • Thrashed Nokia 3315 (at least ten times)
  • Tata Indicom handwash
  • GTalk
  • Kajal
chakra gaye ... try kariye ..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Net Curbs at IITB

How many times in your school days you have written an essay on "Science & Technology: Boon or Curse?". Even not only in school, we see so many articles touching this topic in news papers and magazines.

Today i went thru the news that Internet Access in all IITB hostels, saying addiction to surfing, gaming and blogging was affecting students academic performance, making them reclusive and even suicidal. So its stands barred for a whole 12 hours!! Strange but true. How many of you will agree with me that in most of the cases of decline in academic performances, net facility has been a major factor, and this is true across i think all IIT's. We waste quite a lot of time on orkut and other similar sites. People have been so busy playing computer games that they don't have time for physical activities. People want to acquire skills of driving in a virtual circuits or killing villagers using eagle warriors, over other outdoor games.

It's an open debate which can never be convincing for the discussion to settle. But i think this is a positive move by the IITB administration so that people start socializing again. Hell not on orkut but in the real world. What's your say?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Some More

Some more gems!!
Try to figure out the meaning yourself!!

जो लगी समंद में, धुआं ना पर्गत होये
सो जने जो जर्मुआ, जाकी लगी होये

ऐसी वाणी बोलिये, मुं का आप खोये
अपना तन शीतल करे, औरन को सुख होये

बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ, जैसे पेड खजूर
पंथी को छाया नहीं, फल लागे अतिदूर

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा ना मिल्या कोये
जो मन खोजा अपना, तो मुझसे बुरा ना कोये

चिन्ता ऎसी डाकिनी, कट कलेजा खाये
वैद बिचारा क्या करे, कहां तक दवा लगाए

धीरे धीरे रे मन, धीरे सुब कुत्च होये
माली सींचे सो घर, रितु आये फल होये

दुःख में सिमरन सब करे, सुख में करे ना कोये
जो सुख में सिमरन करे, तौ दुःख कहे को होये

जब तुन आया जगत में, लोग हँसे तू रोये
ऐसे करनी ना करी, पचे हँसे सब कोये

कंकर पाथर जोड़ के, मस्जिद लिया बनाय
तन चढ़ मुल्ला बांग दे, क्या बहरा हुआ खुदेय

मंगन मरण समान है, ना मांगे कभी भीख
मंगन से मरना भला, येह सतगुरु की सीख

Rahim and Kabir ke Dohe

Some rare gems.

रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोड़ो चटकाय
टूट से फिर ना जुडे, जुडे गाँठ पद जाये

Don't allow the delicate thread of love (between individuals) to snap. Once it snaps, it cannot be rejoined and if you do rejoin it, there is a knot in it.

रहिमन बदन को देख के, लघु ना दीजे दार
जहाँ काम आये सुई, क्या करे तलवार

When you are introduced to an important/rich person, do not ignore or forget your poor friends. For if, for example, you need a needle to successfully complete a job, of what use is a sword!

खीर सर ते कात्ये, मलियत लॉन लगये
रहिमन करुए मुख को चाहियत ईही सजाये

To cure a bitter cucumber,we cut its head off and rub in salt. To cure a bitter mouth we should apply the same remedy

जे रहीम उत्तम प्रकृति, का करीत सकत कुसंग
चन्दन वीष व्यापत नही, लिपटे रहत भुजुंग

How will evil corrupt, he who has an excellent character? After all does the sandalwood become poisonous by having snakes lie around its trunk?

कही रहीम सम्पति सगे, बनत बहु बहु रीत
बिपति कसोती जे कसे, ते ही सांचे मीत

People will find many many ways to be related to fortune. But only he is a true friend, who stands by you in misfortune

रहीम वे नर मर चुके, जे कहू मंगन ची
उन्ते पहेल वे मुई, जिन मुख निकसत नही

He who has to beg is no longer a man। But those who refuse were never men to begin with.

मीठा सब से बोलिए, फैले सुख चहुँ ओरे!
वाशिकर्ण है मंत्र येही, ताज दे वचन कठोर !!

Meaning we should speak sweet (politely) to every one। This mantra is called washikaran because it overpowers others so give up harsh words!!Easier said than done but the truth remains that politeness always wins।

Saturday, March 3, 2007


What's worse than watching a movie, spending 3 hours when you have seen the same story a few days back in flat 30 minutes in another one? The punchline is "Nishabd is sad". As far as the story goes more or less its the Anil Kapoor's story of "Salaam-e-ishq". Kudos to Tushar for making us watch that movie, although all of us fully aware of what to expect!!

Talking about the movie, i must mention Amitabh Bachhan is strong and Jiah Khan suits the role well. The story is new but what really sux is the script. Its boring with same soundtrack playing every five minutes its too irritating. Now something to cheer about. Thanx to the cameraman and the costume designer, you have some eye candy for sure. And if you keep imagining what Mandal is doing right now u ll do just fine.

So better avoid it .. if not possible just "Take Light"

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Memoirs from the past ...

In this fast track life when i look back at my past, there are quite a few things to be remembered whole of my life. I can bet thats its true for each n everyone out there. For example me learning riding a bicycle is a tale in itself. similarly be it mischiefs in the classrooms, fighting with my little bro anywhere anytime, my passion for cricket (It exists even today but the level has gone down considerably), Pete Sampras was one of the favourite (to a level that i m not able to accept the fact that Roger Federer can emulate Sampras ), my problems when the hostel life started, Four beautiful years spent at Netarhat, all are things i will cherish whole of my life.

Some of my interests have died (reading sports magazines, watching hell lot of bollywood stuff), some have continued (cricket and tennis worth mentioning) and some are newly acquired (F1, soccer, Novels, Blogs :D). But one of my interest that has really died, and believe me i rue a lot is my love for Hindi Literature. Thanx to blogging I came across many blogs writing about Hindi Classics made me think about it. Till i was in 10th i was quite an avid reader of Hindi novels and poetry. After that 3 years thanx to JEE i completely lost track on them. After coming to IIT it has been English all the way.

One thing worth mentioning is that I haven't anyone of the IIT junta interested in Hindi although the literature is as good as English. Agree that English is way more important for career aspects, do we not appreciate and read classics of our mother tongue too? Way back in class 5 i first read a Hindi Poetry book, thanx to my grandpa. It was Jayashankar Prasad's "Leher". Since then i read many timeless classics be it Ramdhari Singh Dinker's "Rashmi Rathi" or "Hunkaar", Harivanshrai Bachhan's "Madhushala" (all poetry), Many classics of Premchand like Godaan, "Sevasadan" or "Mansarovar" all parts. But my favourite that time were Sharatchandra's classics like "Parineeta", "Charitraheen", "Choti Bahu" etc.

Those days are gone. Now nor i don't get time neither i have access to these books. So i have decided that i ll try to rekindle my love for Hindi.To start with I am posting one of my favourite poems "Jo beet gayi so baat gayi" by Harivanshrai Bachhan. He wrote this poem to move on in his life after his wife's death. Go through the poem and see if you can appreciate the lyrics. Contact if you don't understand any word.

Jo Beet gayi, so baat Gayi

Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha
Maana Vah Behad Pyara Tha
Vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya
Ambar Kay Aanan Ko Dekho
Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile
Par Bolo Toote Taaron Par
Kab Ambar Shok Manata Hai

Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Jeevan Main Vah Tha Ek Kusum
They Us Par Nitya Nichavar Tum
Vah Sookh Gaya To Sookh Gaya
Madhuvan Ki Chaati Ko Dekho
Sookhi Kitni Iski Kaliyan
Murjhaayi Kitni ballriyan
Jo Murjhayi Woh Fir Kahan Khili
Par Bolo Sookhe Phoolon Par
Kab Madhuban Shor Machata hai

Jo Beet Gayi So Bat Gayi

Jeevan Main Madhu Ka Pyala Tha
Tumnay Tan Man De Daala Tha
Wah Toot Gaya To Toot Gaya
Madiralya Kay Aangan Ko Dekho
Kitne Pyale Hil Jaate Hain
Gir Mitti Main Mil Jaate Hain
Jo Girte Hain Kab Uthte Hain
Par Bolo Toote Pyalo Par
Kab Madiralaya Pachtata Hai

Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Mridu mitti ke hain bane huye
Madhu ghat phoota hi kartein hain
Laghu jeewan leke aaye hain
Pyale toota hi karte hain
Phir bhi madiralay ke andar
Madhu ke ghat madhu ke pyale hain
Jo madakta ke mare hain
Woh madhu loota hi karte hain
Woh kachcha peene wala hai
Jiski mamta ghat pyalon par
Jo sachche madhu se jala hua
Kab rota hai chillata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi