Monday, February 26, 2007

Vella ...

Just have a look at my previous two posts and no points for guessing how busy i am right now. Its one of the times when u really don't know what to do. I was visiting other blogs, got links for Visual DNA and Cyborg (thanx anjul!!) and wasted no time in posting on mine too :D.

Right now i am struggling with what to do. I can watch a movie as my comp has a bug, no one knows why!! The sound goes off after u start watching a movie or play an audio file after sometime. So all excitement goes off. I have assignments but i don't wanna do it now as i hate coding. And as always i don't wanna study in any case.

A few minutes back i watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Even thou i was fighting a war with my comp, it was worth. What a beautiful movie. One of the best i have ever seen. I agree most of you have already seen it, if not its time.

Dunno what to do. Vella hoon main ........

I am what I am

Networked Intelligent Killing and Hazardous Infiltration Lifeform


Friday, February 23, 2007

U gotta see this!!

well guys check this out ..
Daddu ki Amanat

Feedback compulsory

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The new two rupee coin!!

I was reading The Hindustan Times a few days back when I came through a news about the new two rupee coins issued by RBI. It claimed that the new coins were creating trouble for the blind. People were not able to figure out the denomination of the coin. For people who haven't got a chance to see that coin can see the two sides in this pic. Its made of stainless steel instead of nickel.

Well thats not the real reason for me to touch this topic in my post. This news reminded me one of an experience with my friend involving the new coin. I got this coin from a Delhi metro ticket counter and i incidentally showed it to my friends. As my brain generates crap 24 X 7 i told her that its a two euro coin. She kind of believed it and asked me very innocently .. then why "INDIA" appears on the coin? I replied "bcoz its available in India". She was as happy to see the coin in her hand as an infant seeing her mother. Then the obvious question came "main yeh coin rakh loon?" I immediately obliged.

After reading the newspaper i wasn't able to control my laughter. A thought came into my mind was that if people having vision can get confused god save the blind. Later on i went on to told her that it wasn't a Euro, upto you to imagine the scene after that. But this incident will always remain in my memoirs, thats for sure.

PS- Believe it or not this is a 100% true story, no fiction. Its upto intelligent readers to think and figure out who the other character of this story is!!

Friday, February 16, 2007


This is the high time for IITD students!! this is one of the rarest times when u see them serious. but this is also high time to show their creativity and extra curricular talents too.

Adrenaline rushes through my veins when so called "junta" starts counting for minors. i can bet this is true for most of the guys over here. Your desire to play gully cricket increases exponentially and it is at its peak during the minors. Even after strict instructions from our warden, not to play cricket during minors, we played for almost two hours yesterday :D This is the time when u fantasize to write blogs, makes u think what will you write in your blog next. U think how to customize your blog and your other websites. U check your inbox almost every hour and check for online friends in your messenger. U check news websites every half n hour. U constantly check on LAN if new episodes of your favorite TV series are now available. Even if not this is the high time to get interested in some of the other TV series!!

To add to your woes some of the important sports matches are held during our exam time too. We watch each and every match cricket match involving India. Hardly a worry if our next minors are scheduled during the ICC Cricket World Cup, eventually the world cup will be over when our Majors start. Me being an avid soccer fan and with my favorite team Manchester United hitting top form, for me its absolutely impossible to resist soccer too. F1 starting a few weeks from now add to the woes.

If we do some introspection into the matter we know why it happens. The problem is not with us, its with the system. If they schedule our exam every 35 days, with those 35 full of assignments and term paper submissions, quizzes blah blah its quite natural for 4000 innocent creatures in the campus the urge to destress themselves. One of the most important things i have learned in IIT is how to relax when you are most stressed. "Chill maarna" thats the IIT lingo ha smade us ulti chill to a level that even tomorrow i have an exam for which till date i don't even know the exact course, i am writing this blog and constantly thinking what more to add to this post. rightly said "Jeena isi ka naam hai"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Discovery of India

This post is a tribute to one of the classics in Indian writing in English. I read this book last year itself and submitted a term paper on this very book. One of my main reasons to opt for Indian Writing in English was to read this book. I am posting parts of my book review this time.

..Gives an understanding of the glorious intellectual and spiritual tradition of (a) great country

This book has acquired the status of a classic since it was first published in 1946. It unfolds the panorama of India’s past and seeks to analyze the sources and strength of India’s national personality and how she fits into the modern world. It is the fascinating story of a celebrated Indian’s quest for the spirit of India which has resulted in the continuity of a cultural tradition through five thousand years of history. In this work of prodigious scope one of the icons of Indian history unfolds the panorama of India's rich and complex past, analyzing the Indian history from prehistory to the last years of British colonial period.

The book is a humble tribute to the great Indian culture, honored by the tradition of unity in diversity, and blessed by the life of some of the most famous people on earth like Mahatma Gandhi, his beloved friend Jawaharlal Nehru and a lot more like them. It was written over a period of five months when Jawaharlal Nehru was imprisoned in the Ahmadnagar fort. The book is one of the best works of the writer, and is dedicated to his colleagues and co- prisoners in Ahmadnagar fort prison camp. As far as my one line review is concerned I would say this is one of the most beautiful books that I have come across. What makes it an essential reading is not the content but the way the content is presented. Contrary to the popular belief that the book is mere a fact sheet of Indian history, this book is discovery of India from the authors mind and his vision. Through this book Nehru brings alive an ancient culture that has seen the flowering of world’s great traditions of philosophy, science and art, and almost all its major religions. His visions and analysis makes Discovery of India an essential reading for every Indian. This book glorifies the Indian civilization in such a way to generate a belief that our forefathers were part of the greatest civilization the mankind has ever seen.

The discovery of India”- what a beautiful name? The title selection is awesome and the content truly justifies the title. It runs through the roots of our country. We love our India more than anything. But in our India, we welcome all, and so through our India, we love the whole world. This spirit of the people of our country is the same reason that led to this book being written. The book is the result of many years of work by Nehru, during his years in prison. That is exactly what the book starts with. His years in the prison cell, counting the number of days he would have to wait to get outside and fight for the freedom oh his country. His mind searches for an answer to his loneliness, the relation between the past and the present and the philosophy of life. The second chapter of the books is about the relationship with his wife, her death, and his thoughts of death. These are two chapters of the book that give us a very good idea of Jawaharlal Nehru, not as the prime minister of India, but as a human being.

Chapter 3 - the quest. This is the very essence of the book begins. The panorama of India’s past, nationalism, the search for India, the Bharat Mata, the variety and unity of India all these reflect the beauty and glory of the Indian civilization. Reading through the pages, one can easily tell the difference between the India that is being talked about in the book and the India of the present. Whichever is the best is a matter of the individual mind, but one thing is for sure, the glory of the Indian civilization, can never be equaled in any way by the modern society of our country.

Chapter 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 beautifully describes the history of India. One can easily guess what most of the readers will do reaching chapter 4. They will skip the section, because people have interest in the subject. Although I was in love with history and especially history of India, most people used to sleep in the class. But any reader can read without any boredom through the entire text. The fact is that the book is not like any history text we have read. Here, we don’t come across a bunch of facts, which is the worst part of history, to recollect all the years and names. But this book combines that with the visions of the author, so readers are enlightened by the knowledge on the culture and tradition on India and at the same time, they are not going to be starved of their enthusiasm.

The whole written and unwritten history of India is given in the book. The Indus valley civilization, the coming of the Aryans, Hinduism, caste system, the continuity of the great Indian culture, name it and it is in the book. The epics, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad-Gita, Buddha, Ashoka and through all the people, the books and the contemporary records of the time, we get a complete picture of India through the ages. The dawn of the medieval period and the golden era of the Gupta dynasty give a good insight of India’s foreign relationships with the people of Iran, Greece. Then there is the answer to the most perplexing question of Buddhism in India. That is the fact that even though the religion was started in India, the larger part of Buddhism in India merged with Hinduism the book gives a detailed picture of the times. Through the Arabs, the Mongols we come to the golden time of the Mughal Empire. And the lives of Babar, Akbar, the Marathas, all flash before our eyes, as we are led to the colonial times of the British rule, with all the minute details. The path takes through the times when the British came as traders to India and later went to build a colonial empire. The dawn of the national movement, and what better way to learn about it than through the words of the man who along with Gandhi trembled the colonial rule. This is best section of the book in my view. We get all the bits and pieces of history of the country and this is a must read for all the Indians.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a difference between learning the details from the history books and reading the book of a man who have gone through the experience. Here we see the pain, the nationalism, the human spirit, and we feel all the feelings that were experienced by the people in the national movement when they gave their lives for the welfare of the country. The few unarmed citizens of the country who trembled the mighty British Empire, which, at the time was the peak of its glory. The chapters give us a beautiful insight into the friendship between Gandhi and Nehru, the role of Gandhi, M. A. Jinnah, the coming of the Second World War and the final phase of the freedom movement after the war. The book however cannot go any deeper into the freedom struggle as it was written a decade before India got her independence.

This beautiful book was even adopted for a television documentary by Shyam Benegal with Roshan Seth as Jawaharlal Nehru. Just like the book this series still remains on of the notable TV series in Indian television history. It brings to life the history of India from the earliest times known-- Indus Valley Civilization to the Aryans to the present day India, covering epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and works of Kalidas. There have been tele serials that have lasted longer, that have presented the epics in a greater detail, but none could match the depiction of a detached narrator in the background. Like the book the series is too simply superb.

A must read for Indians and especially for those who have an interest in Indian History, Culture and traditions. :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3 down .. 3 more to go

Last two weeks have been one of the most hectic of my IIT life. I never expected life will be this hectic when i opted for Electrical Engineering way back in 2003. Since then I have fought an epic battle with filters, fields, transistors, amplifiers, bode plots, modulations, networks blah blah. Although i survived it, the war has been so intense that i have hardly any energy left to pursue a career in technology. So the conclusion is although I am struggling to find my lakshya one thing is for sure, I wont be going for a technical job. :)

Last week i had three assignments submission and as my run of bad luck continues, all were coding assignments. I don't know why, but when it comes to coding i have always struggled. Algorithms and puzzles have always been exciting but when it comes to coding ... it has always made me run for my money. Anyways somehow i managed to complete all of them before deadlines. [:D]. But as always in IIT, when u are done wid ur stuff another one comes calling. This time it was GATE. Another rendezvous with the enemy i am fighting battle with from almost 4 years. Then minors came calling. 3 are over and 3 more to go. Now finally i find some time to relax and so comes the post. Next exam starts sat 1 pm.

Apart from my personal matters it has been a very eventful week in some other matters of my interest, alma matter being cricket. All cricketing nations announced their world cup squad. As far as Indian team is concerned its what everyone was expecting. Their has been a debate about inclusion of Virender Sehwag in the team, was quite expected. But the major disappointment for me has been the inclusion of Anil Kumble. He has been a match winner and is so in test cricket but i dont think he is a utility player for ODI's. Romesh Powar was the best Indian spinner this season by par and was better than kumble be it batting. bowling or fielding. He should have been their.

Apart from that it has been a busy week for India Inc too. Aditya Birla Group's takeover of Novellis for $6 billion, just after TATA's takeover of Corus has created the concept of Indian Multinationals and Indian firms have proved that they are competitive enough to take on the challenge. As a consumer entry of Vodafone into Indian market acquiring Hutch for $19 billions will make Indian mobile market more competitive.

Time to go for now. ll be back soon. Happy Valentines!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Black Friday

Imagine how serious i am about my career!! My GATE exam is tomorrow, Sunday, February 11 and minors from Tuesday. Still i wasn't able to resist the highly controversial and critical acclaimed movie about the 1993 bombay bomb blast, Anuarg Kashyap's Black Friday based on a book of same name by M. Hussain Zaidi. I was dying the see the movie since i read in newspapers about the movie being banned by the government, claiming that it can affect the trial of the serial blasts.

Behind 1993 bomb blast lies a story and black friday does justice with that. For me the wait was worth waiting. The movie starts with the 12 serial blasts starting with Bombay Stock Exchange. Then it slowly unfolds the conspiracy behind the blasts and Mumbai police cracking the case. The story of the blasts in not the only highlight of the movie. It highlights the corruption in Indian administrative system too. The way RDX, in such a huge quantity was brought from Dubai, and the way officials were bribed to make the blasts a success is nerve cracking. Although the story is slow and some of the scenes are repeated, i ll say the script is tight and you will never find the movie boring. Another important point must to mention is the power of Police. The way Mumbai police cracks the case, everyone will accept that if the police is given a free hand in all the cases without any political interference it can crack each n every case in a matter of time. The Mumbai police is even more glorified in the way KK Menon and all the side characters have acted and how difficult the life is for them. Mumbai police needs a pat for this case. A job well done for them even after many of their officials were too in the nexus of the blasts.

Some of the scenes in the movie are airbrushed with creativeness. Entry of Dawood Ebrahim is solid and quite matches with his personality. KK Menon dipping his head in a bucket full of water after a tough torture session shows how hard the life is for the cops. Even some torture scenes mainly to frighten the convicts are really well made. Apart from the main protagonists Tiger Memon and The cop leading the investigation, played by K.K. Menon, the supporting star cast too deserves an applause. Their facial expressions superbly matches with the scenario.

In the final chapter movies goes in the past and explores the reasons behind the blasts. The aftermath of Babri Masjid Demolition and subsequent riots in Mumbai led to the blasts. It explores the whole conspiracy and proves the nexus between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the D Comapny and other "bhailog" in Dubai. How Tiger Memon brainwashes young muslims and how they get training by the ISI in pakistan are some of the points you must watch out the movie for.

Overall it was time and money both well spent and i don't think in any of the reviews the movie will get less than 4 stars. It was a treat and remains a treat to remember!!

Last but not the least how can i forget mentioning the background music and songs by Indian Ocean. The way movie ends urging both hindus and muslims to stop violence in influence of their religious leaders, Indian Ocean has provided one of their best soundtracks and do justice to a great movie with a great epilogue soundtrack .. "Arrey ruk ja re bande ......."

Rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi .. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Well guys .. i m in too. Although this is my .. i think 3rd or 4th blog ... i stopped posting after 2 or 3 posts in all the previous ones!! Well this time am more than determined to continue posting for a long long time. will see later .. kya hota hai ...

About the title of the blog .. well from past 2 3 months .. since the placements procedure begun for my B.Tech batch mates i am struggling wid what i wanna be in my life. And to be very fair .. i am thankful to god that i opted for a dual degree course .. giving me one extra year to think abt it. About the title of the blog .. bcoz i wz very much inspired by the movie "LAKSHYA." For me it was one of the best bollywood movie ever made. In the way the protagonist of the movie struggles with what is the ultimate goal of his life .. i find myself in the similar situation too .. except i lack a Priety Zinta !! :D

The million dollar question still remains unanswered.. how do u decide wat u wanna be in ur life..
  • Is it the money you will get?
  • The work profile?
  • The satisfaction you will get every night when u go to bed?
  • Or how easily you can achieve a particular goal?
The money .. honestly whether u deny or accept has to be a criteria, may not be the foremost. It shld always do justice to ur talents. Work and satisfaction will always be important for a person with good intellect. And people think about the 4th one too!!

Will i be a good consultant? or a good trader? or i ll be successful in academics? Join civil services or some humanitarian organization like UN or some NGO? with so many carrer options in hand the future is confusing!! And even after so many brain storming sessions with my friends and family members.. the question still remains unanswered!! Well thats the beauty of future!!

This reminds me of one of the evergreen songs..
"Papa kehte hain beta naam karega .... magar yeh to koi na jaane hai meri manzil hai kahan?"