Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ooooh Aaaaah Australia!!

Wat should i write about the australian team. The way they have dominated the world cricket in last 9 10 years has been amazing!! Look at their world cup record in last 4 editions. .. 4 finals ... 3 wins ... 29 match winning streak!! Simply amazing!!!

The way they have won the world cup this time has turned me in their fan list. It has been a long long time i have supported virtually all the underdogs ... supporting every team to win against aussies. Still quite a few have a happy ending!! So from now on ... Ooooh Aaaaah Australia!!

Hats of to them again!! and bbye to Glenn McGrath (i have wanted all the batsmen to have a go at him, again quite a few succeed) and Brian Lara (whom i regard as the best test batsman i have ever seen).

Monday, April 23, 2007

back again

Finally i am back ... after a long long time. quite a lot has happened in these 25 odd days although this has been quite a tough week in terms of work load.

To start with the shocking news that KLS (IIT night canteen) will discontinue its operation inside the campus from may 15th. Considering the fact by the time a new tender will be floated and awarded by IIT authority will take at least two months, its gonna be a major problem during summer vacation. Need to hunt for an alternative!!

A boring electrical engineering farewell. All but 3 profs absent. DJ equipments dont working when the crowd gets in the mood!!

My introduction to theatre. Watched "City of Djinns" based on a novel by William Darlymple of the same name and starring Tom Alter and Zora Sehgal. What a play!! Have decided to watch theatre plays whenever get a chance.

Nilgiri houseday. For the first time in 4 years "Warden ne chul nahi machayee". Junta dances to the tunes of makeshift DJ till 11 30. Best House Day ever!! "Kheench" reminded us of the four glorious years at nilgiri, sharing our spoofs and "ch******ps" with juniors.

Last but not the least "A cockroach" found in Rajma at Sip-n-Bite. Complaint lodged. Planning to move to consumer court.

Now tell we can 25 odd days can be more happening than this!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

dunno where this country is heading!!

Yesterday i met a rickshaw wala ... after he dropped me to my destination he put forward something which really made my eyes wet. The most disheartning fact was he was a rickshaw wala even after being double MA in History and Political Science. I can accept the argument that he might not be an MA from a decent university. Still a degree is a degree afterall. Its a real shame for us and the government, when the economy is booming we dont have jobs for the educated youth. Forget those who arent graduates.

My friend took his contact detail and promised him for help. His bid us bbye and never forgot to wish "Good Night" before leaving.

I thank god for giving me everything i needed to be what i am now. I have decided from now on i wont be thinking for a second what i lack. I dont intend to say that the pursuit of happiness should end but u should also be very much satisfied for what u have achieved till date.