Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rab ne bana di jodi

Their is nothing ordinary about the extraordinary story of an ordinary jodi. Aditya Chopra should stop proclaiming that. Apart form Mr. Surender Sahni, I work for Punjab power .. lighting up your life their is nothing ordinary about this ordinary jodi.
Anushka Sharma looks good and the script sucks as much. The film is predictable from the start and apart from a few songs, Salim n Suleman disappoints.
This was not at all expected from someone who gave us Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge .. like Mohabbatein this sucks as well!!

I guess this movie was made by Adi to raise quick money, thinking obviously SRK and YashRaj Banner will attract crowds anyway. Is YashRaj in this much of deep shit and trying hard to make up for the losses by a string of shitty movies in last 2 years? :D

Please don't waste your money and time. May be YRF should start campaigning for donations form people ... rather than making movies ..

Rating: 2/5

Paranthe wali gali

Ever heard of the famous "Paranthe Wali Gali" at chandani chowk? I m sure the answer is yes. Last Saturday I went to explore the much famous paranthes, you can think of the fact how much of an effort I can make for good food. My last visit down their, may be more than 2 years back, had turned out not be a pleasant one. I had matar paratha with hardly a trace of matar in it, on top of it they were fried.

This time then I went there determined to come out of my confort zone of Aloo, Gobhi n Matar paratha and try something new. I ordered Papad and Matar paratha and had to wait for around 15 mins due to a long queue of foreigners out there. However wait was worth it. Although some people may not like the fired paratha, I found the two flavours heavenly. The "Kele ki chutney" served in the plate was awesome and "Kohda" and "Aloo Gobhi" were decent. I will recommend one of the two paratha for sure whenever you are next in chandani chowk.

The thing that won my heart was "Special malai wali lassi" served in a "Kulhad". Without a doubt this was the best lassi I ever had and for sure will go to that shop whenever I visit chandani chowk. If you opt to have it, please do not forget to scratch the malai out of the kulhad walls with a spoon, worth it take my word.

And all that fun at damn cheap price .. I spent a total of 100 bucks on all of that .. :D


Paratha: 3.5/5
Lassi: 5/5
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Karim's Jama Masjid .. simply superb

A long cherished desire was about to be fulfilled and i was anxious will it be up to what i had heard about. We took a rickshaw from Chandni Chowk and through the extremely crowded roads of walled city .. trust me an experiance in itself .. we finally reached gate no 1 of jama masjid. After a few enquiries we finally reached legendary Karim's Jama Masjid which is accesible only through a cramped lane. On the first look i looked to me as just another dhaba, kinda which i frequently see around railway stations in patna. I just thought wtf .. why is it that famous.

However once inside i forgot all that shit. The walls are decorated with newspaper coverages dated long back having recommendations from food critiques and their reviews. Their were a handful of foreigners enjoying authentic Mughlai cuisine. I had a look at the menu and the first thought came into my mind was "what the hell .... damn cheap!!"

Anyway it was snacks time, we ordered chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and mutton barra. Trust me .. forget KFC .. this was finger licking good. I cant describe mutton barra in words, tandoori chicken was without spice and damn good which chicken tikka is always evergreen anyway. We got some mutton biryani packed which I am having right now even after a tank full of food, and even this is as good as others. However the best thing was "Kheer" served in earthen pots, the best one I ever had in my life. Got a few pots packed as well. :)

I am an out n out foodie, i dont give a shit to ambience and little to serive quality. All that matters is the taste on my tongue. On that parameters if i would rate Karim's I ll give them 4 out of 5 .. and a 5/5 specially for kheer. If u like even a tiny bit of sugar, this is a must have whenever you got to a Karim's. Do go their and have a nice time. I agree its a pain in the ass to reach thr but trust me it will be worth it. And if u need any navigation help .. u can reach me anytime. :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Year diary 2008!!

Its been almost a year i have posted. Not bcoz of an uneventful year, but because of sheer laziness. To be precise i can assume 2008 to be the most eventful years of my life. Lets have a close look:
  1. Convocation .. finally passed out of IIT with dual degree :)
  2. Got to see 2 out of 7 wonders of the world .. The Taj Mahal and The Pyramids .. Now i realise why the are truly the wonders of the world. planning to visit a few of rest 5 next year.
  3. Awestruck in Dubai .. be it the structures namely Burj Dubai and Burj al Arab .. Ski Dubai .. awesome roads .. AC bus stops .. road signs in malyalam. I ll recommend everyone to go there for a week atleast.
  4. Nile crusie in Cairo .. in the night its awesome ..
  5. Joined Schlumberger WesternGeco .. sitting idle now after crude price shock ..
  6. Enjoying the multicultural life at work place
  7. Started eating beef
  8. Enjoying different cuisines in the crew .. south african, egyptian, thai to name a few ..
  9. Business class travel on emirates .. upgraded for Dubai - New Delhi
  10. Tried quite a few beers, spirits and wines .. Poika (Irish banned drink .. got hit by a 30 ml peg when belive me i can drink a few) Hoogarden, Stella, Becks, Budwiser, Luxor, Shakara (Beer) JD, Chivas (12y & 18y), Johhny Walker (Black, Red and Green), Jameson, Black Dog (Whiskey), Baileys, Wines form France, Romania, Egypt and India .. well right now i can remember this much .. can bet thr are atleast 15 more .. :D
  11. Eid celebrations, Karaoke, Wii at the crew ...
Well i guess this much is gud enough for 2008 to be an eventful year. Looking forward to make 2009 better.