Friday, February 16, 2007


This is the high time for IITD students!! this is one of the rarest times when u see them serious. but this is also high time to show their creativity and extra curricular talents too.

Adrenaline rushes through my veins when so called "junta" starts counting for minors. i can bet this is true for most of the guys over here. Your desire to play gully cricket increases exponentially and it is at its peak during the minors. Even after strict instructions from our warden, not to play cricket during minors, we played for almost two hours yesterday :D This is the time when u fantasize to write blogs, makes u think what will you write in your blog next. U think how to customize your blog and your other websites. U check your inbox almost every hour and check for online friends in your messenger. U check news websites every half n hour. U constantly check on LAN if new episodes of your favorite TV series are now available. Even if not this is the high time to get interested in some of the other TV series!!

To add to your woes some of the important sports matches are held during our exam time too. We watch each and every match cricket match involving India. Hardly a worry if our next minors are scheduled during the ICC Cricket World Cup, eventually the world cup will be over when our Majors start. Me being an avid soccer fan and with my favorite team Manchester United hitting top form, for me its absolutely impossible to resist soccer too. F1 starting a few weeks from now add to the woes.

If we do some introspection into the matter we know why it happens. The problem is not with us, its with the system. If they schedule our exam every 35 days, with those 35 full of assignments and term paper submissions, quizzes blah blah its quite natural for 4000 innocent creatures in the campus the urge to destress themselves. One of the most important things i have learned in IIT is how to relax when you are most stressed. "Chill maarna" thats the IIT lingo ha smade us ulti chill to a level that even tomorrow i have an exam for which till date i don't even know the exact course, i am writing this blog and constantly thinking what more to add to this post. rightly said "Jeena isi ka naam hai"


shweta said...

get some life man!!!its high time now..enough of chilling...start studying

Ricky Singla said...

you stole my status message "minor-o-mania" .. i'll sue yu :-)

umang said...

gud one and very true indeed!!!
waise yahan pe "peace maar" is the golden phrase [:D]

Nikhil Choudhary said...

well ricky go ahead with your lawsuit... [:D]
aapne copyright nahi karaya tha. Your status message didnt show C (copyright) or TM (Trademark)