Saturday, March 3, 2007


What's worse than watching a movie, spending 3 hours when you have seen the same story a few days back in flat 30 minutes in another one? The punchline is "Nishabd is sad". As far as the story goes more or less its the Anil Kapoor's story of "Salaam-e-ishq". Kudos to Tushar for making us watch that movie, although all of us fully aware of what to expect!!

Talking about the movie, i must mention Amitabh Bachhan is strong and Jiah Khan suits the role well. The story is new but what really sux is the script. Its boring with same soundtrack playing every five minutes its too irritating. Now something to cheer about. Thanx to the cameraman and the costume designer, you have some eye candy for sure. And if you keep imagining what Mandal is doing right now u ll do just fine.

So better avoid it .. if not possible just "Take Light"

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