Sunday, March 18, 2007

Water is solid

Nice movie ... worth watching once for sure ...
Theme is good ... and so is the star cast. Lisa Ray finally seems to have got some acting talent after her debacle in bollywood. While watching Seema Viswas act was a treat. Gives a feeling how many underrated an actor she is. John is so so .. seems to have same expression all the time.
But the heart and soul of the movie is "Chuhiya". What a performance by an 8 year old!! The way she has played a eight year old widow ... and her innocent questions about the society and traditions keep rocking the theater.
Went in thinking a heavy movie by content but was quite wrong. Chuhiya steels the show. If u havent seen in .. time to get ut tickets right now. Do expect a few wet eyes and a silent theater by the way.


shweta said...

yaa completely agree..water is a must watch mve for all..the life of mve is chuhiya , john lisa n others are just side characters..the little brings life to the mve..go for the mve to see hw miserable the life was before independence..

Shuchita Sehgal said...

The innocence with which chuhiya has performed, is awesome. She deserves all the applause for the success of Water. Not to forget the theme of movie, depicting the plight of women. Hopefully we have come a long way.