Monday, April 2, 2007

dunno where this country is heading!!

Yesterday i met a rickshaw wala ... after he dropped me to my destination he put forward something which really made my eyes wet. The most disheartning fact was he was a rickshaw wala even after being double MA in History and Political Science. I can accept the argument that he might not be an MA from a decent university. Still a degree is a degree afterall. Its a real shame for us and the government, when the economy is booming we dont have jobs for the educated youth. Forget those who arent graduates.

My friend took his contact detail and promised him for help. His bid us bbye and never forgot to wish "Good Night" before leaving.

I thank god for giving me everything i needed to be what i am now. I have decided from now on i wont be thinking for a second what i lack. I dont intend to say that the pursuit of happiness should end but u should also be very much satisfied for what u have achieved till date.


shweta said...

All those who read this blog, thank god for giving us wat we have not crib for wat we dont.i am gonna remember him for the whole of my life & be happy for wat all i have cz i have learnt time takes no time to change.

kumar said...

well man u have presented a very moving experience... really its an eye opener for us all... we should be content with what we have achieved rather never complain of what we havent achieved.

few days back a stranger told me that its easy to find a job in our country.. then i added - "yes if one has studied well".

i take back my words coz i cannot say that a man holding double masters must have not studied well. we need to come forward to help such people. please suggest ways.