Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ooooh Aaaaah Australia!!

Wat should i write about the australian team. The way they have dominated the world cricket in last 9 10 years has been amazing!! Look at their world cup record in last 4 editions. .. 4 finals ... 3 wins ... 29 match winning streak!! Simply amazing!!!

The way they have won the world cup this time has turned me in their fan list. It has been a long long time i have supported virtually all the underdogs ... supporting every team to win against aussies. Still quite a few have a happy ending!! So from now on ... Ooooh Aaaaah Australia!!

Hats of to them again!! and bbye to Glenn McGrath (i have wanted all the batsmen to have a go at him, again quite a few succeed) and Brian Lara (whom i regard as the best test batsman i have ever seen).

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