Thursday, April 16, 2009

Childhood memoirs

Just for fact, a saw a milkman feeding thums up to his pregnant cow give her relief. Can you imagine this thing happening say 15 years back? Not a chance !!

Was wondering how much the world has changed in last 24 years of my existence. There is a stark contrast between our childhood and one experienced by kids now a days. What people from our generation experienced, things that were integral part of our childhood are more or less left only in the back of our mind. I would like to list a few ...
  1. Naagraj and Super Commando Dhruv .. am not sure they are as popular now a days!!
  2. Watching "rukawat ke liye khed hai" on Doordarshan :)
  3. Endless discussions on Tendulkar vs rest and who is the best !! Discussing that in every spare moment we got during school hours. I will be with Tendulkar any day!!
  4. Byomkesh bakshi .. desi answer to Sherlock Holmes :P
  5. Nirma jingle and "maan gaye deepika jee .. apki parkhi nazar n nirma super .. dono ko"
  6. Collecting trump cards of wrestlers and cricketers from Big Fun / Boomer / Big Babool
  7. Old telephone sets ... I dont remeber any specific term .. anyways U know what I am talking about .. and thinking cordless phones were so cool :)
  8. Contessa on road used to make our day .. the coolest car ever :)
  9. Street Hawk :) .. Wud miss anything to catch it on Sundays !!
  10. Rangoli n Chitrahaar .. :D .. most awaited
  11. Rotating those antennas to get proper signal for Doordarshan ... not in Patna, but for sure in Netarhat, in the jungles of Jharkhand
  12. Lamberetta .. the scooter even we used to think antique :)
Still trying to remember a few more. Any more ideas?


shivamgoel said...

nice one baby;)

Anonymous said...

it ws sea hawks... i think...

Nik said...

nah ..
street hawk .. may be u were too small to remember that!!
I guy had a super bike with all ammunition and he used to control crime in the city
I have always dreamed of that bike :)

shivamgoel said...

Ya ws street hawk..i jst cheked out one of the videos..