Thursday, February 8, 2007


Well guys .. i m in too. Although this is my .. i think 3rd or 4th blog ... i stopped posting after 2 or 3 posts in all the previous ones!! Well this time am more than determined to continue posting for a long long time. will see later .. kya hota hai ...

About the title of the blog .. well from past 2 3 months .. since the placements procedure begun for my B.Tech batch mates i am struggling wid what i wanna be in my life. And to be very fair .. i am thankful to god that i opted for a dual degree course .. giving me one extra year to think abt it. About the title of the blog .. bcoz i wz very much inspired by the movie "LAKSHYA." For me it was one of the best bollywood movie ever made. In the way the protagonist of the movie struggles with what is the ultimate goal of his life .. i find myself in the similar situation too .. except i lack a Priety Zinta !! :D

The million dollar question still remains unanswered.. how do u decide wat u wanna be in ur life..
  • Is it the money you will get?
  • The work profile?
  • The satisfaction you will get every night when u go to bed?
  • Or how easily you can achieve a particular goal?
The money .. honestly whether u deny or accept has to be a criteria, may not be the foremost. It shld always do justice to ur talents. Work and satisfaction will always be important for a person with good intellect. And people think about the 4th one too!!

Will i be a good consultant? or a good trader? or i ll be successful in academics? Join civil services or some humanitarian organization like UN or some NGO? with so many carrer options in hand the future is confusing!! And even after so many brain storming sessions with my friends and family members.. the question still remains unanswered!! Well thats the beauty of future!!

This reminds me of one of the evergreen songs..
"Papa kehte hain beta naam karega .... magar yeh to koi na jaane hai meri manzil hai kahan?"


Rohit said...

goodie goodie goodie....

lage raho.. lage raho..

wens ur next post coming?

Tarun Varshney said...

nice start... waiting for ur next!!

Prabha said...

Good! Keep it up