Saturday, February 10, 2007

Black Friday

Imagine how serious i am about my career!! My GATE exam is tomorrow, Sunday, February 11 and minors from Tuesday. Still i wasn't able to resist the highly controversial and critical acclaimed movie about the 1993 bombay bomb blast, Anuarg Kashyap's Black Friday based on a book of same name by M. Hussain Zaidi. I was dying the see the movie since i read in newspapers about the movie being banned by the government, claiming that it can affect the trial of the serial blasts.

Behind 1993 bomb blast lies a story and black friday does justice with that. For me the wait was worth waiting. The movie starts with the 12 serial blasts starting with Bombay Stock Exchange. Then it slowly unfolds the conspiracy behind the blasts and Mumbai police cracking the case. The story of the blasts in not the only highlight of the movie. It highlights the corruption in Indian administrative system too. The way RDX, in such a huge quantity was brought from Dubai, and the way officials were bribed to make the blasts a success is nerve cracking. Although the story is slow and some of the scenes are repeated, i ll say the script is tight and you will never find the movie boring. Another important point must to mention is the power of Police. The way Mumbai police cracks the case, everyone will accept that if the police is given a free hand in all the cases without any political interference it can crack each n every case in a matter of time. The Mumbai police is even more glorified in the way KK Menon and all the side characters have acted and how difficult the life is for them. Mumbai police needs a pat for this case. A job well done for them even after many of their officials were too in the nexus of the blasts.

Some of the scenes in the movie are airbrushed with creativeness. Entry of Dawood Ebrahim is solid and quite matches with his personality. KK Menon dipping his head in a bucket full of water after a tough torture session shows how hard the life is for the cops. Even some torture scenes mainly to frighten the convicts are really well made. Apart from the main protagonists Tiger Memon and The cop leading the investigation, played by K.K. Menon, the supporting star cast too deserves an applause. Their facial expressions superbly matches with the scenario.

In the final chapter movies goes in the past and explores the reasons behind the blasts. The aftermath of Babri Masjid Demolition and subsequent riots in Mumbai led to the blasts. It explores the whole conspiracy and proves the nexus between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the D Comapny and other "bhailog" in Dubai. How Tiger Memon brainwashes young muslims and how they get training by the ISI in pakistan are some of the points you must watch out the movie for.

Overall it was time and money both well spent and i don't think in any of the reviews the movie will get less than 4 stars. It was a treat and remains a treat to remember!!

Last but not the least how can i forget mentioning the background music and songs by Indian Ocean. The way movie ends urging both hindus and muslims to stop violence in influence of their religious leaders, Indian Ocean has provided one of their best soundtracks and do justice to a great movie with a great epilogue soundtrack .. "Arrey ruk ja re bande ......."

Rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi .. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

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Ricky Singla said...

good review...but still won't watch the movie :)