Monday, December 24, 2007

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Why you commit be it terrorism, be it luring the girl of other communities or any heinous crime the world can never think eve, the all is as per Allah. We Indian do not require your madrasa teaching, as average Indians do not study fundamentalism teaching from Islamic jokers.

Can anyone tell a place in the world, where Muslims lives and the place is peaceful.

Modi is person who challenged and retaliated to Islamic criminals like you and Gujarati the patriots, their history is very bright have supported Modi. India requires PM like Modi to save our future generations and Islam also.

Yes, Govt should allow these Islamic criminals to prosper further so that they can plan for new crime.

What a criminal mentality. Without local Islamic support no crime is possible. Godhra was highly pre-planned, supported by almost entire community. In how many occasion you criminals have challenged the Mullah, Maulvi etc. asked to close down Madrasas, behaved like human, asked to stop the Haz subsidy the tax payers money, discarded personal law replace by uniform civil law etc. etc.

You people are enjoying and destroying the resource of the country as well as the rights of real minorities. Muslims are not minorities as per any definition of the civilized world.

Modi is a terrorist can only be the invention of Islamic criminals

You have raised the word HINDU, do you know about your ancestors.

Three cheers for Narendra Modi.. The first one for showing Sonia Gandhi and her son their right place... second cheer is for winning on "Development" plank... third cheer for winning against all odds including that of hostile media.. I think it is time now for all the politicians, Muslim community and the media to stop crying or barking at Modi for his alleged role in 2002 riot. Instead they should appreciate his riot free tenure and offer constructive criticisms. Now regading the comments of Sonia Gandhi on Merchants of Death, has she forgotten that death toll of our Sikh brethern when Indira Gandhi was killed. Has she forgotten the hundreds of Pandits in Kashmir killed by Muslim terrorists in the last so many years. What happened to poor victims in Assam killed by ULFA which was initially patronized by Congress. Unless the Congress is eliminated from the Indian political scene, the dirty politics will continue to bother Indian democracy. And what is surprising is that not a single congress leader was seen in any of the TV channels yesterday. Jayanthi Natarajan, supposed to be from my State, Tamil Nadu where not even her own party men know was present in "Aajtak" for five minutes and then ran away. Perhaps they have no explanation to offer how Modi overcame all the odds.

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