Monday, December 24, 2007

Top Gun ... Maverick Modi

The verdict is out and people have already started Mr. Modi's national ambitions. The so called secular congress still thinks it has won morally. Still making 2002 riots as election issue, the congress still is trying to split hair. Just look at the way they are protecting Jagdish Tytler and other 1984 riot accuse make the picture clear how communal is secular congress.

I don't think this party has any any relevance now. Its a national shame that they are in power. However this can be attributed to their sustained effort to keep large rural population uneducated. It has always been playing minority politics with soaps and soaps for minority community and backward castes. The core point is where will the 70% of Hindus forming the majority are? They are divided and not aggressive .. result congress in power. And i think what Mr. Modi is doing is consolidating in majority politics .. and then making development an issue. He is first Gujarat CM to ensure riot free elections in his term. Imagine the way Gujarat is growing ... highest growth rate in India. Only this development work has made him overcome huge anti incumbency. This election he has not won because of polarization .. but because of work he has done in the last 5 years. Ensuring Narmada waters in villages, electricity and employment and corruption free Gujarat he is now an icon for other politicians.

I would also like to share some perceptions i have about Mr. Modi
1. Modi is not anti muslim but he is against those who are anti India. dont mix religion with terror. And the congress party which has soft corner for one Mr. Afjal of parliament attack fame, awarded death penalty by SC, (still not executed) has no right to remain in power. They have played very badly the Maut ke Saudaagar card!!
2. Safety of Muslims: they have been more secure under Modi. after godhra can you site any one incident where muslims have been targeted.
3. Muslims are prospering in Gujrat more than any other state. I belong to Bihar and the so called Muslim - Yadav leader Mr. Lalu comment on their condition in the state?

I read today on rediff. com "Modi has never visited the dargah. It is a stone's throw away from the BJP office but he has never bothered to come. He abhors Muslims. He does not want to be seen in our company." Well i would like to ask my Muslim brothers that how many of you visit temples? i haven't seen any.

Mr. modi is a new breed of nationalist .. with integrity and aggression. And the simple point is he is not accommodating. He is autocratic but he delivers. So congress men please shut up!!

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