Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paranthe wali gali

Ever heard of the famous "Paranthe Wali Gali" at chandani chowk? I m sure the answer is yes. Last Saturday I went to explore the much famous paranthes, you can think of the fact how much of an effort I can make for good food. My last visit down their, may be more than 2 years back, had turned out not be a pleasant one. I had matar paratha with hardly a trace of matar in it, on top of it they were fried.

This time then I went there determined to come out of my confort zone of Aloo, Gobhi n Matar paratha and try something new. I ordered Papad and Matar paratha and had to wait for around 15 mins due to a long queue of foreigners out there. However wait was worth it. Although some people may not like the fired paratha, I found the two flavours heavenly. The "Kele ki chutney" served in the plate was awesome and "Kohda" and "Aloo Gobhi" were decent. I will recommend one of the two paratha for sure whenever you are next in chandani chowk.

The thing that won my heart was "Special malai wali lassi" served in a "Kulhad". Without a doubt this was the best lassi I ever had and for sure will go to that shop whenever I visit chandani chowk. If you opt to have it, please do not forget to scratch the malai out of the kulhad walls with a spoon, worth it take my word.

And all that fun at damn cheap price .. I spent a total of 100 bucks on all of that .. :D


Paratha: 3.5/5
Lassi: 5/5
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