Thursday, December 11, 2008

Year diary 2008!!

Its been almost a year i have posted. Not bcoz of an uneventful year, but because of sheer laziness. To be precise i can assume 2008 to be the most eventful years of my life. Lets have a close look:
  1. Convocation .. finally passed out of IIT with dual degree :)
  2. Got to see 2 out of 7 wonders of the world .. The Taj Mahal and The Pyramids .. Now i realise why the are truly the wonders of the world. planning to visit a few of rest 5 next year.
  3. Awestruck in Dubai .. be it the structures namely Burj Dubai and Burj al Arab .. Ski Dubai .. awesome roads .. AC bus stops .. road signs in malyalam. I ll recommend everyone to go there for a week atleast.
  4. Nile crusie in Cairo .. in the night its awesome ..
  5. Joined Schlumberger WesternGeco .. sitting idle now after crude price shock ..
  6. Enjoying the multicultural life at work place
  7. Started eating beef
  8. Enjoying different cuisines in the crew .. south african, egyptian, thai to name a few ..
  9. Business class travel on emirates .. upgraded for Dubai - New Delhi
  10. Tried quite a few beers, spirits and wines .. Poika (Irish banned drink .. got hit by a 30 ml peg when belive me i can drink a few) Hoogarden, Stella, Becks, Budwiser, Luxor, Shakara (Beer) JD, Chivas (12y & 18y), Johhny Walker (Black, Red and Green), Jameson, Black Dog (Whiskey), Baileys, Wines form France, Romania, Egypt and India .. well right now i can remember this much .. can bet thr are atleast 15 more .. :D
  11. Eid celebrations, Karaoke, Wii at the crew ...
Well i guess this much is gud enough for 2008 to be an eventful year. Looking forward to make 2009 better.


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