Monday, March 30, 2009

Innocence lost !!

Yesterday I came across this article on Times of India. The link is

I am still wondering why the f**k do you need 6 years to prepare for JEE? When I was preparing for JEE, preparation from class 9 was rare, now its common. But from class 6 .. outrageous. Our education minister talks about a hell lot of things like quota / increasing the significance of school education, I would love to hear something from him on this issue.

I am thinking when this country will come out of the clutches of these greedy bastards who are killing innocence just to be rich. Can you imagine a class 6 /  7 student reading calculus n rotational motion? I was discussing with a few of my friends and we concluded may be a time will come soon "jab bachha maa ki kokh se nikale to papa bolen .. aaj FIITJEE ka test hai n kal Brilliant ka .. preparation start kar do" . One went overboard n said we should start preparing ourselves for our kids JEE.

Parents please think hundred time before killing ur child's bachpan!! They don't even know in the first place that they want to be engineer, forget about IIT. I first heard about IIT and JEE when my cousin cleared it, i was in class 7th. I came to know about the format of JEE etc when I had given my board exams and  was mulling over what to do. I took maths just bcoz I hated Bio. 

Think about the pressure now a days on children as well as on parents. For parents, one way or the other it has become a status symbol (I agree it was earlier as well, in our times, but the divide between IITian n non IITian was not this wide). I guess every1 will agree that most of us have heard a hundred time from out mom n dad .. how Mr. X's son / daugter is doing so good in academics and u r gud for nthin. Those endless comparisons, when u didn't even had a shot at the goal used to bug a lot. Sports / extra currics where taken as good for nothing stuff (this conception changed when I joined IITD, still the part of the country I belong to academics is the only thing you work on).

In these times I can simply pity on those innocent children. I will thank god that I was not born 10 - 15 years later!! This kind of sucking exercise will simply kill the creativity. I will request all parents to think on these few points before pushing ur sweet little kid on this mental torchure:
  1. Do they need a coaching institute before Class 11?
  2. Is starting for JEE before your class 10 board actually needed at all?
  3. Every career counsellor is son of a b***ch, do you need their advice?
  4. Do coaching institutes and schools prioritize on ur child or their revenues?
  5. Stop doing what every1 else is going.
  6. You are the best person to judge your child
  7. Being an IITian is not end of the world!!
  8. Don't compare your them with anyone else .. under pressure they are bound to crack
  9. All decisions you take before the kid is mature enough, can make or break their lives
  10. Do your homework first .. 
Oooh .. that was 10 tips on good parenting!! Enough for the day!!

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