Saturday, March 28, 2009

UPA ki maa ka ..

Was crossing the "Safdarjung Flyover" a few days back .. saw election poster from congress party. Can u beat this - 3 people standing in the poster, 1st for sure Sonia Gandhi followed by Rahul and then our poor PM Mr. Manmohan Singh. I felt ashamed, is this the country I am living in? This is absolutely mockery of democracy!! Our PM is just a pawn, nothing else. The ruling coalition's poster should have Mr. Singh first any day man!!

The UPA calls itself secular!! wtf !! are they really? who was behind the 1984 sikh riots? who is using extremists for their election campaign, they guy who issued Rs 25 crore fatwa for uncle sam? they can use any venom in their election speech and when Varun Gandhi speak .. inki g***d fat jati hai !! 

kahe ka secular or kahe ka communal .. all i want is no hatred .. no terror .. Today I think twice whenever I go out to a crowded place, I feel scared whenever shweta is driving alone, I feel scared for my parents in Patna when people around know about my job. I can not take it anymore. I will vote!! I want to end this spineless government which can't ensure security. The best thing that has happened to Indian Cricket IPL is now shifted to SA, when I was planning to watch all Delhi matches. bullshit .. accept you guys have been failures enriching your coffers n forgetting about common man and there security. I wish a few MP's were at Taj n Trident. 

Another thing is the new coalitions forming everyday. Heard Lalu, Mulayam n Ramvilas are against congress now. My viewpoint is this is just a propaganda to cut so called forward votes from the NDA. I am no racist and please don't think otherwise. But these guys are assured of the cast based votes because of their mass appeal. Congress has no existence in UP n Bihar, if it goes all alone it will cut even if by slight percentage, the votes of BJP n JDU. After elections, anyways they are going to combine. And I just pray Miss Mayawati / Lalu / Mulayam are not out next PM. Think about them representing India in UN Assembly at NYC

All I want is Narendra Modi to be our next PM!! anyone in?

Guys .. think what might happen if u don't vote .. do you want to live in the country where these guys are making mockery of democracy? 

PS: Yaad aaya .. guys go and watch "Gulaal" to learn more about democracy. The best movie I have seen in recent times, by far!!


Tushar said...

Hmmm ... I agree with you on many of your points, but having Narendra Modi as PM will send a very wrong signal based on his history with the Gujarat riots (though I know he does good development work) ...
I dont think India has a good prime ministerial candidate :(

I'll check out Gulaal ... I like its songs

Nik said...

I guess he has come out of those shadows almost!!
he won the last election on development, he has a clean public image with no corruption charges and he has mass appeal which I dont think any of young turks of BJP or Congress have!!

Nik said...

And do check out gulaal ..
for KK Menon n songs ..

Tushar Tarun said...

sweetheart, i would remind you the true face of Indian politics, choosing your caste/religion; For educated people it is choosing best out of the worst. If you think Modi (gujarat) or advani (babri) should be p.m., it wont be long when you will sing this song from the movie gulaal -
Ek bhakat ki baat baatayein ek bhakat ki
jab seher hamaaro so gayo tho woh raat gajab ki

i will vote for congress bcoz i dont my sister or mother to be beaten up while walking or street, or for the matter of fact going to pub (read mangalore - ram sena the bjp types - think of shweta again), or i would not like to be beaten up if i go to mumbai, or i would not like to see another godhra or babri again.
congress may be inefficient, may be during congress mumbai with porus sea border saw attack but during bjp, our border was screwed

Nik said...

I agree with few of ur points specially regarding Godhra. I wont take ram sena as part of BJP.
Anyways what I am pissed about is them calling themselves secular when they try their best to divide the country.
Had BJP been so good at it, we would have seen BJP government every year.
And regarding Narendra Modi, forget the past, look where has he taken Gujrat in last 6 years .. can you ever imagine Lalu doing that in this lifetime??

Meenu said...

I m new to this circle but I would like to put a thought for all of us to think abt ...
R we judging on the right lines abt our government...
Is deciding on our government judged only by few accidents or incidents..although they might be crucial ones..but, still they had been done for one or the other reasons...may be done for stability of one government or personnel. As done in any other country whether USA, China,
My request would be to focus on the overall result.
I would like myself and all around me especially educated ones...think beyond something which has been done for some reasons which we didn even care to know when it happened...
POLITICS is not a most of us has been doing ..its far more and more responsibilities..we cannot even imagine....its not like our colleges or universities elections..its abt a country, India, the word is a world itself

Last in India is not the right source of information.....