Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Nothing" is possible

I have never been so berozgaar!! People say nothing is impossible but I know its possible .. I am doing it since last November apart from a month when I was on training. All thanks (touch wood) to global financial crisis, although layoff may be still on the horizon!! Just have a look at my daily routine:
07 30: wake up n read newspapers
08 30: go upstairs, wake up shweta, have breakfast
09 00: drop her to office
10 00: come back and n think about today's agenda, check all my e-mail accounts and social networking sites, snoop into every1's profile, check for sports updates on soccer / cricket / F1 / tennis on skysports / espnstar .. literally checking all updates .. :)
12 30: meal, music on Bose dock ... 
01 00: itunes n music files update
01 30: matinee movie time :D
04 30: check for updates on gmail/ FB/ orkut/ linkedin .. small nap after that
06 00: take bath, start for shweta's office
07 30: wait outside doing absoulutely nothing by the time she is free, when she comes out plan for the evening :D
08 00: meeting friends / shopping / dinner / saas bahu serials
11 30: think about what significant thing i did today .. 
12 00: time to sleep

I bet, how many of you can do this. If this is not doing nothing what is it?


shivamgoel said...

acchi life hai..enjoy till it lasts..humse pucho kya hota hai nahi to:)

Nik said...

tu 3 mahine aise reh ke dikah!!