Wednesday, April 1, 2009

for what?

Read newspaper today .. "Aishwarya Rai Bachhan" receives Padma Shri from President Pratibha Patil
Since then I am trying to think for what? All because Samajwadi Party is supporting the UPA in the center? The Padma award are a mockery now !! After ministries, this is a new way to satisfy your alliance partners I guess.
Why should Aishwarya get it anyway apart for the reason of being Big B's bahu?
1.  Remove a few Bhansali movies and with SRK, I can't even count a good movie of her .. is her contribution to Indian cinema that great? She is not that great an actress anyways!!
2. Brand ambassador in Hollywood .. common .. now way .. we have been reading quite a bit about her hollywood projects .. well I cant remeber of except 2 mins in Pink Panther 2. :)
3. For living her life to the fullest, having countless affairs and then marrying abhishek for bachhan surname? I guess this is the real reason. 

I wonder what PR activity can do for u !! :D 

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