Thursday, April 2, 2009

go for nano !!

Finally nano is on display and I was lucky enough yesterday to had a detailed look at it. To me it seems to be an ideal city car, but for sure no way for highways. Test drives are not allowed as of now, so can't comment about engine performance but by looks its really cool.
Contrary to the size it has ample boot space. Smartly designed, no matter you are on driver / passenger seat, its way more comfortable than alto / zen / 800. I am 5' 11'' and I felt quite comfortable inside. But the boot space is small and you can hardly put in a laptop bag or a small suitcase. 
But for indian roads, where traffic hardly moves above 50 in peak hours this is the car to go for :)

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Rohit said...

Agreed... It's a car made keeping India in mind